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These 10 Films Will Convince You to Hire a Moving Company in Raleigh, NC

Father holds child up after moving to the city

Young or old, man, woman, or child, you probably have a favorite movie about relocating. Sometime these films are comedic. At others, they are horrific. They make viewers cry and they can cause anxiety in those planning a move in the near future. There have been a host of movies portraying big moves for characters and, while the storylines may be fictional, they are certainly familiar.

1.) Poltergeist

Starring Craig T. Nelson, this 1982 horror flick shows just how important it can be to know where it is you are moving. At first, the strange goings-on fascinate the nuclear Freeling family, but soon things take a very dark turn. The family’s beliefs are tested as a dark entity shows its feelings toward the recent suburban construction and the Freeling’s intrusion.

2.) Footloose

One of the most iconic films about moving, Footloose included a great soundtrack and an unbeatable cast. Kevin Bacon, John Lithgow, and Lori Singer show that a sudden relocation to a very different environment can not only shock the one moving, it can also shake things up for his new neighbors as well.

3.) Titanic

One of many films for which Leonardo DiCaprio should have received an Oscar, Titanic was a fictional love story set during a very real event. In the film, Kate Winslet plays a young woman of means who finds love with a penniless American artist aboard the ill-fated ship. Jack, played by DiCaprio, would not survive the journey, but Winslet’s “Rose” would continue on to her new life.

4.) Beetlejuice

Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis’ characters, Adam and Barbara, would have probably called moving companies and ask how much it would cost to take their entire house with them when it came time for their relocation. Lydia, played Winona Ryder, however, was completely fascinated by the presence of the former homeowners’ ghosts.

5.) Life of Pi

Based on a book written by Yann Martel, Life of Pi takes viewers on a fantastic voyage with a young Hindi man after he survives a shipwreck while traveling from India to North America with his family and their most precious zoo animals. Along the way, Pi discovers himself while living aboard a small rescue boat with a tiger, finding magical, yet deadly, islands, and sails halfway around the world to a whole new life.

6.) Money Pit

Tom Hanks and Shelley Long deliver a comedic take on the perils of home buying in the 1986 crowd-pleaser, Money Pit. The laughs are big and the problems are even bigger for Walter Fielding and Anna Crowley after they buy what they believe is their dream home. It isn’t long, however, before ceilings are caving in and staircases are crumbling beneath their weight.

7.) Amityville Horror

Retold, recreated, and regurgitated many times over, Amityville Horror, has had a long-held grip on American society since before author Jay Anson put pen to paper. In the film, the Lutz family moves into their dream house, and though fully aware of the house’s dark history, they are not prepared for the horrors that would be inflicted upon them.

8.) Moving

Mr. Arlo Pear, played by the late Richard Pryor, should have done his research when he was looking at moving companies to help him relocate his family from the mean streets of New Jersey to the quiet rurality of Boise, Idaho. Along the way, shady moving men cause hilarious problems for Pear, while a man with eight personalities takes his car on a trip like no other.

9.) Max Keeble’s Big Move

Most children fear a big move, but not Max. The bullied 7th grader, played by Alex D. Linz, is more than happy when he hears his family is relocating. He quickly plots revenge, and begins carrying it out, on the classmates that have so tortured him. Unfortunately, Max’s own advice backfires when his dad announces that they will not, in fact, be moving anywhere.

10.) Problem Child

Sometimes it seems as though there is nothing worse for children than the possibility of moving into a new home. Often, children will cry, but others will unleash a tale of terror the likes of which many parents have never seen before. This reaction is exactly what the Healy’s get from their newly adopted son, Junior, in Problem Child. This family film is a comedic look at the destruction children can cause.

There isn’t a lot you can control when it’s time for a big move. You never really know for sure how the children will react or very different your new community will be than the old. All anyone can do is prepare for the worst by doing proper research into the neighborhoods, moving companies, and schools which are being considered.

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