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10 Items that Cannot Be Shipped by Raleigh, North Carolina, Moving Companies

Moving company driver reviews regulations

Reliable moving companies will do everything in their power to ensure that your next move is seamless and free from stress. They offer services from point A to point B including packing, hauling, and drop off.

However, in order to reduce the chance of speed bumps on the way to your new home or office, you should be fully aware of the regulations that these companies must follow. Knowing what a moving company can and cannot transport will keep your move running smoothly while also increasing the safety of everyone involved.

Items that cannot be shipped:

The following list of items are those which moving companies have been barred from shipping by state and federal government regulations.

Perishable Food

Regardless of the distance, moving vans are not equipped to keep perishable foods fresh. These companies are liable for the items they transport, but they cannot guarantee the efficacy of foods. If they did, and someone became ill after eating the food, moving companies would be held liable for any associated medical costs and that could get out of hand very quickly. So, for the protection of these businesses are not allowed to ship these items for you.

Unsealed Liquids

For the purposes of protecting moving company employees and other drivers on the road, open and half-used liquids of any kind are barred from transport during a move. The main reason for this is because the contents of open containers cannot be verified and moving companies must be sure they are not transporting explosive or otherwise dangerous chemicals.

Explosive Materials

Regulations regarding the transport of explosive materials are usually expected by home and business owners needing to hire a moving company, but this is not always the case. Some may be aware that gasoline and propane tanks qualify as explosive, but not other items such as aerosol cans, fireworks, and ammunition of any kind.

Hazardous Chemicals

Much like potentially explosive materials, moving companies are also denied the right to move hazardous chemicals for their customers. Several items, including liquid bleach, pesticides, paints and paint thinners, and matches, have the potential to cause harm to the company’s employees as well as other members of the community.

Car Batteries

Due to the very caustic nature and potentially explosive nature of car batteries, these items cannot be shipped in a standard moving van. High temperatures can cause car batteries to become swollen and explode, especially if they are already damaged or in need of distilled water before moving them.

Currency & Coins

Again, the regulations forbidding the transport of some things, like currency and coins, comes down to the protection of the company against claims made by customers. Many homeowners opt to have their moving company pack and ship for them, which opens the door to potential theft and fraudulent claims of theft.


Moving companies across the nation will refuse to transport jewelry for the same reasons they will not pack and ship a family’s money. The liability of the business does not often cover claims of theft by homeowners and these claims are difficult to disprove providing an opportunity for frivolous claims.

Improperly Packed Items

In the event that something is damaged during transport, moving companies will generally cover the cost of the item. However, these companies protect themselves from these intances by refusing to transport items that have not been packed in a secure manner. Not only that, the drivers must also be sure their loads are secure for their own safety and that of others on the road.

Items that should not be shipped:

While state and federal governments have implemented regulations regarding the transport of the items listed above, there are others that these companies have regulated themselves.

Sentimental Belongings

Some items are simply too precious to leave in a box on the back of a truck. These items are not often worth a whole lot of money, but moving companies recommend that customers transport these belongings themselves, due to their sentimental value or personal nature. Things homeowners choose in these situations are often of no value to anyone but themselves, but the point is that they are irreplaceable.


While houseplants are not considered dangerous during a move, their condition can be negatively affected by a trip across town in a moving van. Some of these plants could be worth more money than others, or have simply been given the love and attention of someone in the home or office. It is best to seek the advice of your chosen moving company to determine whether or not your houseplants can survive the move in one of their vans.

Moving is difficult enough without encountering events that could have been avoided. Being aware of what a moving company cannot or should not transport will keep you moving toward your new destination.

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