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3 Cumbersome Reasons to Hire Commercial Moving Services in Raleigh, North Carolina

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Has your business recently found a need to relocate? Whether your new offices will be bigger or smaller, you will likely have some pretty hefty furniture and fragile equipment to transport from the old space to the new. Oftentimes, these items are bulky and difficult to move a few feet not to mention a trip across town. The following breakdown of hard-to-move office equipment will help guide you in deciding how you will make your next big move.

Fancy Furniture

It’s a well-known fact that not all desks are created equal. They can be found in any size from child-size to enormous presidential-style workstations. Office desks can be made from just about any type of material including particle board, steel, and hardwoods. The costs for such items certainly varies and this has caused many a business owner to opt for the bigger and more impressive types of desks. They have long been a statement piece that exudes success and wealth.

Unfortunately, though impressive they may be, large, fancy office desks pose a huge problem when moving day arrives. The weight of these behemoths, in conjunction with their sheer bulk, make navigating stairwells impossible without the special equipment used by most moving services. The cheaper versions will likely disassemble, but even this can be a hassle for busy companies.

Packed Cabinets

If you have never moved before, you may not realize that much of your belongings are already packed and ready for the trip. Homeowners will often leave clothing in dresser drawers, only removing them long enough to maneuver the furniture body, in order to save space and boxes. The same is true for documents being stored in offices. File-filled drawers are easily removed from cabinets allowing all of these important papers to remain intact and in proper order.

Now, it may seem easy enough, but filing cabinets are much like desks in their variety. Your business may only have small 2-drawer cabinets, but some businesses have found it necessary to employ the use of wall-sized cabinetry. Unless you’d like to cause injury to an employee or yourself, only a professional moving service should be charged with the task of moving these items.

Extreme Equipment

You would think that office equipment, such as copy machines, might have seen a major reduction in size and mass, but this is not the case. Many businesses still have a legitimate need for large, high-quantity, printers, fax machines, and copiers in their offices. Regardless of size, this equipment is expensive and easily damaged and a warranty may not cover damages caused to these items during transit.

These days, the only way to safely transport large office equipment from one space to another is to call in the professionals. Moving companies are insured, and well-prepared, to remove these items from your office, load them onto a truck, and place them in your new space. The employees will not only have dollies and cargo straps, they will also have the training and equipment necessary to keeping themselves safe.

When your business is ready for a change, be sure to protect yourself, your employees, and your equipment by hiring a professional moving service. In the end, the costs of employing movers will be outweighed by the savings seen by your checking account and physical well-being.

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