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5 Routes to the Top Moving Service Companies in Raleigh, North Carolina

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Looking for services of any kind for the first time can seem overwhelming. When it comes to a big move, homeowners and businesses alike are often trying to juggle the demands of their everyday operations as well. Not to mention the added difficulty of weeding out the scammers from the real-deal companies they will need to hire to pull of such a feat.

Fortunately, these days, plenty of opinions abound from all walks of life. Whether you need someone to simply transport your possessions or handle your relocation in its entirety, a little research will save you both time and money in the long run.


Possibly one of the most reliable testimonials you can get about any service company will come from the mouth’s of your most trusted friends, family members, and colleagues.

You may well know someone that has recently relocated and that comes in handy for getting some up-to-date information on moving service companies.

After all, businesses come and go, meaning one you may have heard about years ago may no longer be in business and trying to track them down may only result in wasted time and effort.

Print Advertising

While print advertising seems to be on the decline, the companies that still invest in this marketing strategy usually have their customers and their reputations well-figured out.

Moving service companies are more likely to spend their advertising budgets first online, and then through the mail and in newspapers, in order to reach the largest number of potential customers.

Only the most successful companies can afford all three, which means that finding these ads speaks volumes in regards to the services they offer.

Online Review Sites

If you are an internet-savvy seeker of moving service companies, then the best places to begin your hunt will be by visiting online review sites.

The best websites for researching and reading unbiased reviews of businesses are those that don’t allow companies to control or pay for the finding offered on the sites themselves.

For example, Angie’s List and Yelp! Both offer paid advertising to businesses, but these dollars have no bearing on the customer reviews or rankings which have been assigned to them.

Social Media

Again, those well-versed in the use of the world-wide web, have the opportunity to expand their reach for information on moving companies.

Social media communication is especially useful when your business is looking to relocate over a long distance. Word-of-mouth won’t be helpful in these situations, nor are you likely to see any of a company’s print advertising.

However, your social media connections may be just the right people to contact in the event you are planning a long-distance move.

Local History

Any company, despite their online or print advertising efforts or presence, can be vetted just by looking into their history.

Reliable businesses tend to stay in business for many years while those who overcharge or take advantage of customers will quickly close shop. Even today, many of us still remember the commercial jingles of the local used car lot or carpet cleaning service that we learned from the television growing up.

Let your memory guide you in the beginning of your search for moving services companies and you’re sure to find one with a long, rich history backed by decades of results.

When it comes to the relocation of your household or business, time is money, and it should not be wasted. By starting out on the right track in your search for moving service companies, you are far more likely to find one that fits your timeline and budget, while providing the quality assistance your job needs.

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