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5 Stress-Free Costs of Hiring Good Moving Companies

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Each year, an average of 40 million people will change the location of their residence or business. This is easy enough for those moving across town or within their own state, but cross-country moves require more planning.

If you are part of the 12.5 percent that choose to make a long-distance move this year, you will want to hire a moving company. Shopping for a good company to haul your belongings will be easier if you know what costs are associated with the moving process before you need them.

How much will it weigh?

Traditionally, those moving within the United States and Canada are charged for this service based on the total weight of the items to be moved. Some families may not own a lot of things, others may choose to sell items instead of moving them, and many will take it all with them. These options give you the chance to stay within your budget.

How far does it need to travel?

Unfortunately, there is not much you can do about the distance when relocating. No matter how much one may like to, you just can’t reduce the distance between New York and Los Angeles. In addition to other services, your long-distance rate may run about $0.70 to $1.00 per pound of goods for every 1,000 miles. In this way, your distance fees can be mitigated with a reduction in weight.

How quickly does it need to get there?

Sometimes, families have some warning and time to prepare for a long-distance move, but this is not always the case. Members of the armed forces and employees of nationwide companies are often given little notice when asked to relocate. The less time you have to get your things moved, the more a moving company will charge you to expedite the service.

When will it be moved?

When possible, the cost of hiring professional movers can be reduced by choosing the right move-out dates. Summertime is the busiest season for moving companies, while weekends and holidays are always quickly booked. Those living in rentals are usually moving on the last or first days of the month and this will effect your booking prices. If able, try to schedule your move for the lesser-busy days and months of the year.

Who will pack up your belongings?

There are three basic methods to use when packing your belongings for a move. You may choose to do all the work yourself including packing and loading a container. Perhaps you have limited time available and you choose to have the movers take care of everything from start to finish. Having the moving company pack and ship your things will seem like it costs more, but you will be saving on the packing supplies, time, and energy associated with doing it yourself.

In summary, whether you are moving across town or cross-country, knowing the cost of moving will help you budget your time, energy, and money, while also helping you choose a reputable and qualified company to pack you up and get you relocated.

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