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Have Fun While Durham, NC, Moving Services Do The Heavy Lifting

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A long distance relocation can be either enjoyable or a complete nightmare, especially if you have kids. Once the boxes have been packed and the furniture has been loaded on the moving truck, it will be time to hit the road.

Children of all ages and their parents have the opportunity to disconnect and take advantage of some quality time during a road trip. From classic to contemporary, the following games eliminate the need for digital devices and reduce ‘screen time’ in an age when such things need to be monitored.

The License Plate Game

The License Plate Game is an activity that can be played like a game or just be a fun family project. Those with small children may find it fun to buy a blank map of the United States and color in each state as their representative license plates are spotted. Families with primarily older children can make a contest out of who can spot the most plates the fastest.

Travel Bingo

Much like traditional Bingo, this game is a great way to draw any child’s attention out of the vehicle as they hunt for items along the road. Children that are not yet able to read can have pictures on their cards instead of written words. The best way to play this game is to bring homemade Bingo cards that reflect your ideals and values as a family.

I Spy

Even the smallest of toddlers can play ‘I Spy’. This game can be played throughout the entire length of a road trip without any planning whatsoever. At any moment, a member of the family can simply see something that catches their eye and give their clue to see if anyone else spotted it as well. From vehicles on the road, such as school buses and trucks used by moving services, to strange roadside attractions, this game can quickly become achingly silly.

Tin Foil Art

More than just mess-free arts and crafts, Tin Foil Art can also be turned into a fun game. Much like pictionary, easy-to-create items such as animals can be jotted onto index cards. Then, one at a time, each family member draws the top card and tries to create the item with the tin foil while everyone else tries to guess what it is supposed to be.

The Restaurant Race

Like many of the aforementioned road trip games, The Restaurant Race can be approached in several ways, depending on the ages of your children. Bingo-like cards can be filled with the logos of chain restaurants and discovered by the smallest of children along the way while those who can count can keep a tally and try to spot more of each restaurant than everyone else in the car.

The above list is just a sampling of the many fun and varied games that can be played during a road trip. Simply plan ahead, send your belongings off with the moving services company of your choice, climb in your car, and start connecting with each other.

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