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Make Your Office Move Easier by Hiring Raleigh Moving Services and Other Professionals

Office pre-moveIf you’re like most Americans, you’ve probably moved a few times in your life. But an office move is different. This time, you’re dealing with more people–employees, customers, business associates, vendors, and more—all of whom need to be kept in the loop. You may also be dealing with more high-tech equipment. There may be a number of specialized vendors you need to enlist to help you with your move—Raleigh moving services, architectural designers, cabling companies, network techs, janitorial services, and the like.

Create a Timeline

Once the new building or office space has been negotiated, you’re ready to create a timeline. Smaller offices require about three months to get ready for a move and medium to large offices require about six to eight months. Work with managers and supervisors to pinpoint a moving date during your company’s slower season that will minimize downtime. Once you’ve determined the date, you should start hiring the specialists you need.

Plan Your New Space

This is especially important if you’re moving multiple offices—or even an entire store. Obtain a floor plan of your new space so you can map out where all the offices, work stations, equipment, and fixtures need to go. Now is the time to evaluate if there are any potential problems in the new space that require additional adjustments by architectural designers, carpenters, or painters.

Delegate Tasks

Climate-controlled warehouses can come in handy. Some items, such as family heirlooms, cannot and should not be stored in standard storage facilities. For instance, a family painting may be very old and require a climate-controlled warehouse to preserve it. Climate-controlled warehouses provide the best atmosphere for preserving all items as it won’t suffer the effects of flooding or excessive humidity.

Portable Containers

Don’t try to do this alone. Assign at least one person in each department with the task of organizing and preparing their department for the move. Communicate regularly with the moving team so that the logistics can move along on schedule. Department heads and employees need to be aware of what is expected of them (for instance, clearing out their space). If your company is small, enlist the help of outside companies, such as network specialists and janitorial services.

Let Your Customers & Business Contacts Know

Start communicating with your customers and business contacts early on. Make it as easy as possible for them to migrate with you. Send email announcements, include notices in mail communications, and put a moving banner on your website. Perhaps you can even schedule a local radio or TV announcement if your business is more locally oriented.

Work with the Moving Company

Moving companies can make your actual moving day incredibly seamless. They can do the packing and the transporting for you. They can even supply the boxes. Have them start with the key departments first. For instance, you may want to move part of your IT department first, so they can field any technological challenges on both ends. Next, you may want to move the customer service department or the manufacturing department. It just depends on the workflow of your business. Ask the moving company for their recommendations for a safe, efficient move.

An office move can look daunting, but with proper planning and the right Raleigh moving services, your move could proceed without too much upheaval.

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