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Moving Companies Offer Cool Savings in Raleigh, NC

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According to statistics, median rental prices for new tenants looking for one bedroom apartments in one major city were $171 dollars cheaper in February of 2017 than they were in July of the same year. Across the nation, the low demand for new rentals during the slow season drive down monthly rates by as much as 5.8 percent as landlords try to fill their properties.

In turn, the other costs associated with moving also see significant declines during these leaner months. By planning your move for the right time of year, you will not only save money, but it could save you some stress as well.

Take advantage of winter prices.

As mentioned above, the numbers of folks looking for rental properties during the cold winter months are much lower than it is during the summer. Some areas see rapid decreases in rental prices and this low season can last up to six months before rising again just as rapidly as it had fallen.

If you have the opportunity to plan ahead for your move, waiting until the rental prices are at their lowest in your new city is going to be your bet. Even if you would like to avoid the rainiest part of the season or try moving during your child’s winter holiday, it will be worth it to focus on these lower-priced months.

Avoid peak moving season.

As the peak season heats up, so does the demand for moving companies. This can pose more of an issue than just paying a little more for relocation services. For example, if you need to move quickly, it may be difficult to find a moving service available on short notice. If you do, you are more likely to be charged a premium for expedited service.

One suspected reason for this discrepancy are the migrations of college students. Another reason may be the countless number of families that move during the summer so as to not interrupt their children’s school year. You can avoid this rush and the costs associated with it, simply by waiting it out and opting to make your move during the slower months instead.

Get moving as early as possible.

There are many reasons you may not be able to wait for lower rental prices and moving costs. Perhaps you have gotten a new job that starts immediately and you cannot afford to be in both places at once. Likewise, military families are well-known for receiving little notice when being reassigned.

When necessary, try to schedule the move itself for as early in the day as possible. This will allow your movers to work more efficiently due to the cooler temperatures thereby saving you money on the services. Even an evening move is preferable to one carried out in the afternoon when temperatures rise to startling heights.

Don’t get trapped into paying higher prices for your next relocation. Choosing to move during the winter months will lock you into lower rental rates and the costs of the move itself will be much less expensive than it would be during the peak summer season.

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