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Moving Companies Suggest These 5 Packing Hacks in Raleigh NC

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Whether you are moving across town, cross-country, or to the opposite side of the world, you’ll want to be sure your belongings will be secure in transit. No one wants to open a box of dishes to find half of them have broken.

Worse yet is finding that something sentimental or valuable has been damaged. The following tips can help you ensure that these precious items will make it to your new home unscathed.

1. Plan Ahead

The very first step to a successful move is taking the time to plan ahead. The longer you have before it’s time to get moving the more time you have to organize what and when to pack. If you have space in your garage or even the corners of rooms.

There are things that can be packed right away and others that will need to wait. Knowing these things ahead of time will help you stay on track and make for a stress-free move when the time comes.

2. Prioritize

Part of planning ahead will involve deciding what you can live without until you are moved into your new home. As long as you have somewhere to store the items, many non-essentials can be wrapped, packed and stowed until moving day.

For example, off-season clothing, books, decor, and games can be packed away long before your move takes place. These are things you can live without. On the other hand, you may want to wait to pack many kitchen items such as linens, uniforms, and even curtains until just before the moving company is at your door.

3. Wrap it Right

Protecting your belongings is surely at the forefront of your mind while packing up for a move. Moving trucks and your things are at the mercy of road conditions on the route to your new home. Luckily, we humans have come up with a host of cheap and easy ways to pack our fragile items in order to keep them safe while moving.

Your home is probably chock-a-block full of blankets that can be used to wrap up large mirrors and framed art or photos. In fact, linens of all types make great packing material. You can wrap towels and sheets around things to be put into boxes. Not to mention, that you’ve just packed those belongings in the process.

4. Get Crafty

It may not seem like it, but even the smallest items can be a chore to pack when moving. From jewelry to silverware, these things always seem to get jostled and end up a mess by the time you open the box in your new home.

Again, our crafty minds have come up with some hacks to help alleviate these headaches. Ideas ranging from the use of straws for necklaces to clingwrap for flatware trays. Homeowners are placing knives inside potholders and bundles of cords in toilet paper tubes.

5. Toss a Lot

Depending on your budget, there may be many things that can be thrown out or donated locally. Clothing the children have outgrown and unused toys and games probably don’t really need a place in your new home. This act can also be used as a chance to declutter.

Your children may cry or complain, but you will smile knowing that moving companies charge by the weight of the items being moved and that your daughter’s dollhouse hasn’t been touched in about three years.

Even a quick or unexpected move can be made easy. With just a little planning and innovation you are sure to enjoy moving to your new home instead of being stressed out about whether or not Grandma Suzie’s antique clock will make it through the ordeal unharmed.

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