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Raleigh Moving Companies’ Office Relocation Tips

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Moving an office is just as stressful, if not more so, than moving an entire household. There’s expensive equipment that needs to get safely packed and clients and customers that must be notified, not to mention being concerned that you will experience downtime and a significant loss in productivity. Whether you’re relocating across town or expanding across country, professional Raleigh moving companies suggest several things you can do to help simplify the process and make the transition as quick and successful as possible.

Create a Moving Checklist

Planning ahead is always a necessity for any move. The easiest way to do this is to create a moving checklist to help you remember all the tasks that need to be accomplished in the weeks leading up to the relocation. It is recommended that you begin working on your to-do list two months in advance so that you can notify all the appropriate vendors, suppliers, clients, etc. that you do business with of the impending change, map out the move according to departments, make address and phone number changes to all marketing materials and start to get quotes from different moving companies.

Hire a Commercial Moving Company

There’s definitely no chance you want to try moving an office on your own, so hiring a reliable commercial moving company will be your lifesaver. Depending on the services you need, some moving companies will even come equipped with all the moving supplies you require and will pack and unpack for you as well. The best advice to remember when looking for a company that can accommodate your needs is to get references from other businesses in your area, ask for proof of insurance and communicate your exact expectations.

Coordinate All Utility Switchover

Oftentimes, switching utilities over to the new space gets more complicated than anticipated and that’s where things suddenly go awry. Give yourself plenty of time to get an appointment scheduled for phone system and internet installations as these can be booked up weeks in advance. Plan for a couple days of overlap on your utilities so you can make certain everything is working properly at the new location before entirely shutting things down at the old one.

Let Employees Know What’s Expected of Them

A lot of companies will have their employees pitch in to help with the move by having them pack up their own work stations. If you plan to do this as well, give them notice of the expected move dates and give them a detailed explanation of what they should pack themselves (i.e. desk, filing cabinets, equipment, personal items) and what they should leave for the movers to handle.

Relocating your business might have its challenges, but following these tips from expert Raleigh moving companies will help things go much more smoothly in the long run.

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