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Saving on Burlington Moving Services

Man holding moving boxEvery time I move, I realize again how quickly stuff fills up a car, a shipping crate, or a truck. Moving across town is a lot different than moving across the country. I’ve done both. Since driving a huge truck is not exactly my forte, I always opt to have someone else do that. Obviously, there’s a lot more to moving than driving a truck. So here are some things to consider when you’re looking at moving services in Burlington.

Moving Method

There are several ways to get your stuff from Point A to Point B, but you can narrow it down to three main options: you can use your own truck (or a generous friend’s truck), rent a moving truck, or have your stuff shipped via a container, such as PODS or U-Pack. Get multiple quotes to compare your options. Prices will vary, depending on when you’re moving, where you’re moving from or to, how far you’re going, how much your stuff weighs, and what size of truck or container you need.

Go Local If Possible

If you’re moving within your city or within a few states, check with local moving companies as well as national ones. Local companies often charge less and offer more personalized, hometown service. Local moving companies can also help you at the beginning or end location. Even if you’re not using a local company to transport your belongings, you can still hire them to pack or unpack your boxes, load or unload the truck, or even store your stuff during gaps between houses.


Make a cost/benefit analysis on furniture if you’re moving long-distance. Is it of considerable value (such as an heirloom)? Is it an extremely favorite item? Will it cost more to move it or to buy a replacement in your new city? For instance, if I moved long-distance, I would consider selling my piano and buying another one in a new city. That’s because a 500-pound piano would cause my moving costs to skyrocket. Obviously, this would depend on the value of the piano and the price for one of similar value. The same cost/benefit formula can be applied to other items, such as a sofa or a bedroom suite. If you love to redecorate, what’s not to love about some new pieces of furniture (even if they are consignment shop finds)?

Packing & Loading

Did you know that local movers offer moving services not always offered by national movers? Yes, indeed. So if you don’t want to go it alone or have some difficult items to pack, you can hire a local mover to come to your house and help you pack some or all of your things. They can also help you get it in the truck or container, even if it’s not their truck. Because they do this all the time, they will know the best tricks for getting the most out of the limited space you have. You might actually save by going this route.

Isn’t it nice to know that you’re not alone in the process of moving your stuff? With a local company, such as Triangle Moving Service, you can pick and choose the Burlington moving services you need to make your move easier and more headache-free.

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