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Should You Get Help from Friends or Moving Companies for your Burlington Move?

Moving SuppliesMoving is stressful–there’s no doubt about that. From dealing with closings and landlords to making sure you have running water and electric at your new digs when you arrive, it’s a task that can intimidate even the most industrious. When the list of tasks becomes overwhelming, you might start thinking about who you could bribe or cajole into helping you. Should you depend on your friends to help you out or should you just hire one of the moving companies in Burlington?

Full Service Moving Company

People need a full service moving company. If a moving company cannot provide short and long-term storage containers, the option of a climate controlled warehouse, portable containers, boxes to meet every packing need and the expertise to successfully move an entire household, their services should not be obtained. You may need someone to help you pack, and some moving companies provide this option. Customers cannot afford to allow for many errors. It’s important to have a reliable company that can keep within important deadlines.

Are You Prepared?

Don’t expect your friends to give up an entire day of their life to do sorting, packing, cleaning, heavy lifting, and what not, without offering free dinner or snacks, and of course, plenty of water. That’s just common courtesy. They’ll have more energy and staying power that way.

Also, did you assess what you want help with and how many people you need to help you with that? Friends will need instructions. If you’re not particularly organized, your friends might end up standing around while you chaotically throw things in boxes. Or you might discover that you’re not able to move your 500-pound, antique armoire with just two guys and a gal. Try your best to plan ahead. Or leave the armoire and the La-Z-Boy recliner for the moving companies.

Are Your Friends Available?

Because this is a gratis arrangement, there’s no guarantee that all of your besties will be able to rearrange their lives to accommodate your move. (Keep in mind, too, that they’re not obligated to do so.) Make sure you ask them well in advance of your moving date and remind them of it to stay on their calendar. You don’t want moving day to roll around and find out that your friends either forgot or couldn’t come.

Remember too, that they might expect you to return the favor sometime. If you don’t want to feel that obligation or you want the guarantee of knowing that your stuff will get moved in time, you may want to hire a moving company.

Are Your Friends Strong?

Seriously. Moving monstrous pieces of furniture is not for people with small frames–unless they know professional moving tricks and have dollies and such to use for heavy items. Even then, it’s debatable. Be considerate of your friends’ backs and physical abilities. Your friendship might be at stake. If they can’t help you move furniture, consider asking them to help you pack up knick knacks or kitchen things. Almost anyone can do that. Heavy things, on the other hand, are best handled by experienced professionals.

Do You Prefer Friends or Convenience?

Everyone tends to think that they can get boxes from a friend or a store and be set. It’s not widely known, but moving boxes should meet moving and shipping regulations to ensure safety. They also think that they’ll get markers and tape, and that’ll take care of packing. The truth is that household items come in a variety of shapes and that there is more to packing than tape. For example, most companies do not supply boxes that are suited to meet the needs of storing and shipping mattresses. That’s a problem. People spend a third of their life in bed. This means that keeping it in pristine condition is vital.

You may be fine with having friends helping you sort and pack, but when it comes to actually moving a houseful of stuff, you’re likely to need a moving truck. Burlington moving companies are equipped to make it easy for you. With a big move, it may come down to who’s going to make it easiest for you to get to your new place.

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