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The Top 5 Favorite Pieces of Equipment Used by Raleigh, North Carolina Moving Companies

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Speak to just about any mover in the business and he or she will probably tell you they are happy to be working in this day and age versus days past. Prior to the 20th Century, relocating was a long, arduous, and physically demanding process. It was also dangerous. The difficulties involved in moving large households or businesses has led to a new age of innovation that save both time and physical health.

1. Shoulder Dollies

If you’ve had any sizable appliance delivered lately, you have probably seen these lifting dollies in action. Relying on the core strength of movers, these systems of straps are protecting backs and floors. The also allow easier maneuverability and agility in tight spaces because they lack the wheels and other hardware associated with traditional dollies. Able to lift up to 800 pounds, moving companies are now giving their employees the chance to use leverage instead of brute strength to carry large loads.

2. Hoisting Straps

Sometimes a piece of equipment is too large to maneuver through doorways or up a flight of stairs. In these instances, movers will essentially become human cranes with the use of hoisting straps. A crew of well-trained movers are able to physically lift these items up several stories and through windows or over balconies to reach their intended destinations. Much like the shoulder dollies mentioned above, these straps also do wonders at protecting your new home or office from damage during the move.

3. Piano Specific

Possibly the largest and heaviest of household items, pianos have long caused anxiety as homeowners and movers attempt to relocate the instruments. Luckily, the heavy lifting has been abandoned for the much simpler use of style-specific wheels, dollies, and skid plates. Once a piano is dismantled, it can be placed on the appropriate apparatus and then pushed or pulled instead of being lifted and carried. They are also made in such a way as to protect your instrument from damage with strategically-placed padding and canvas covers.

4. Ramps

Using ramps to maneuver large and heavy items up staircases and into the backs of moving trucks has allowed companies to rely more on their equipment and, therefore, reduce injury in their team members. Moving companies are easily able to remove appliances, large musical instruments, and tools in no time at all. Quite possibly the best feature of these ramps is that several boxes can be loaded onto dollies and wheeled out to the truck or into your new home instead of needing to be carried one at a time.

5. Moving Blankets

No, these are not blankets made for use by movers on cold mornings. Their quality, though, just may tempt you the next time you’re on the move. They are manufactured using the extra durability of zigzag stitching. Also, experienced moving company owners discovered how easily these blankets could be used to wrap large and fragile items in the cargo spaces of their trucks. Resembling quilts in many cases, moving blankets protect your furniture while it travels to your new home.

No one should risk hurting themselves or anyone else just to save a little money. Professional movers know the ins and outs of proper body mechanics and this concept is only getting easier with the help of just a few innovations in newly available moving equipment.

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