Moving Supplies You Need

Moving Supplies to complete your move

It’s no secret that moving, no matter how short or long the distance, requires packing. However, getting all of your valuable possessions from your old location safely delivered to your new one without breaking a thing depends not only on careful packing and loading, but calls for suitable moving supplies as well. It’s likely that instead of just throwing things into a box, you’ll want to ensure that your belongings remain secure and protected with high quality paper, bubble wrap, tape, etc.

To help make the process easier and more convenient for our clients, we act as a one stop shop in making sure that all your moving needs are covered. Aside from our packing and moving services, we offer a variety of moving supplies at affordable prices. We make it simple for you to find all the materials that your move requires in one place, and with our expert assistance, you can make certain you have everything on hand for a smooth packing experience.

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Moving Supplies
Type Size Cost Cost – Cash Discount
Mattress Covers $6.23 $6.05
Box of Paper 10 lbs $13.39 $13.00
Box of Paper 25 lbs $26.25 $25.00
Tape 1 roll $3.60 $3.50
Bubble Wrap $21.63 $21.00
Shrink Wrap 18"x150′ $23.10 $22.00
Mover’s Pads $12.00

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