Preparing For Your North Carolina Move

Get the most out of your moving day

To get the most out of your moving day, follow the tips below to make your move as smooth and quick as possible.

  • Reserve parking as close to your access as possible.
  • Make sure the path the movers will be using is clear.
  • Make sure all of your electronics are disconnected and the cords are secure by the time your movers arrive.
  • If you are doing your own packing, using mover’s boxes is recommended, but not required. Using too many different sized boxes makes packing your truck more difficult and takes more time.
  • All boxes should be marked with their destination. Use room names, family member names, or color codes to mark boxes.
  • Have your gas appliances and ice makers disconnected before the movers arrive. For insurance reasons we cannot connect or disconnect these items.
  • We can move your dressers with the clothing in them, however please remove any valuables or breakables.
  • Standard size filing cabinets and 2 drawer lateral files can be transported full if the drawers are secure; larger sizes must be emptied.
  • Desks and other drawers with loose items must be emptied.
Family with map and moving boxes